Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orlando, FL - July 28, 2010 - Day Three

Words written: ?                                       Weather: 94 High
Hrs. writing: 1, maybe 1 1/2                                     75 Low
Hrs. shopping and sightseeing: 4                               94% Humidity (triple yuk! Like a sauna ... with clothes!)

Wednesday started out a little slow for me, as my foot was swollen ... again. Had nothing to do with the carry-on bag handle I dropped on said foot Sun night/Mon morning, just some mysterious swelling that happens to the pad of my right foot every once in a while (yes, I had an injury in the Denver Airport - did I forget to mention that?? Not too much drama, so I left it out :-). I was hoping it was gone for good ... no such luck. So roommate Susan Lute went off on an adventure without me.

Rested foot, iced it, and wrote for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. Unfortunately, I don't have any way to count my words on WordPad, so you'll just wait on the word count, LOL!

About lunch time, my foot was feeling better, so I called up new friend Kathy and we went to Downtown Disney for lunch at The Raintree Cafe. What a blast! It rained every 10 min, and the animals made noise and moved. The fish tanks were beautiful and the bar stools looked like the hind-end of different animals, complete with legs and tails. I *was* going to get a pic of people sitting on them, but thought it might be a little rude (butt-shots are soooo not attractive!).

A trip back to Ghirradeilli Chocolate was a must, since Kathy hadn't been yet, but I was good ... only had an iced White Chocolate Mocha coffee.With the humidity so high, we were pretty wiped out by that time, so it was another shuttle bus trip back to the Swan.

Su was there when I arrived at the room, full of her adventures @ HP World. Sounds like she had a blast, even with the crowds. She didn't go alone, she met up with a fellow PAN (Published Author Network) member, but of course, I can't remember her name :-( 

Then it was a quick check on-line to see what people were doing - quick is a relitive term, as the internet speed is ssslllloooowwww. The Literacy Booksigning started @ 5:30 and we made it just after the doors opened. The room was HUGE, the largest one since I've been going to National conferences. The noise level wasn't deafening, so Su and I strolled around catching up with those friends we haven't seen for a while and admiring books, books and more books. I found a couple of new authors Laura Bickle ( and Alayna Williams (, who happens to be one in the same person (grin). Lovely woman! I had a blast talking with her.

After the signing, Su wanted to go back to Downtown Disney, and dinner sounded look a good idea. We were invited to Elisabeth Naughton's launch party, and were the first to arrive. It was a blast! Joan Swan handed out Long Island Iced Tea ... I'd never tasted one before - it was delicious. Met a three lovely writers - Hi, Lexi, Jacqui and Adrian!! and made new friends (I hope!!).

Su and I both won a door prize, and then we absconded back to our room to crash for the night. The 2010 RWA National Conference madness has begun!!


  1. Whoohooo! I'm glad you are taking care of yourself *and* having fun. :)

  2. Ouch on the foot. The Raintree sounds wet. :) Take care of yourself.

  3. Thanks, gals! You'd think the Raintree would be wet, but they had it self-contained around the bar. Quite unique. The barstools were a hoot! Wish I could post more pics, but with the internet so slow, it just doesn't load up.