Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orlando, FL - July 26, 2010 - Day One

Words written: 48                                                             Weather: 95 High
Hrs. writing: .5 (or 30 min)                                                               78 Low
Hrs. shopping and sightseeing: 6                                                       88% Humidity (yuk!)

Despite all good intentions, I didn't sit down very long to write today. Susan Lute and I arrived in Orlando at approx 5:30am (PST Time: 2:30am) and we didn't get to the Swan Resort until about 6:30am. We dropped our luggage off in the room, ate breakfast, then headed outside to tour the hotel and surroundings. The famous Disney World Boardwalk is beautiful (despite the heat and humidity that we're sooo not used to) and peaceful that early in the morning. Of course, nothing is open, but that's beside the point :-).

By 9:30am we were exhausted and headed for a nap - well, really to finish out our night of sleep.

We woke up at 2:30pm, showered, then hopped on email to catch up with all we missed while we were sleeping . A couple of hours later, we met up with fellow RCRW Member Terri Reed and our new friend Ruth Kaufman. Then it was off to Disney World's Downtown Marketplace to wander around and eat dinner.

Okay, if you're ever in Orlando, Florida anywhere near Disney World, stop at the Raglan Road Pub in the Marketplace. Great food, complete with Irish dancing (video up on Facebook soon!), live music and fantastic company. Couldn't ask for more!

After dinner, it was more shopping and sightseeing, then we finished the night in our room talking and drinking a YouthBerry tea that Su made for everybody.

Too much fun, not enough writing. I'm feeling guilty ... must write tomorrow!!

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  1. Looking for that video! Tell Su she looks mahvelous in this photo.