Friday, June 4, 2010

Flying into the Mist ....

Mentioned in my prev blog, when I started my current project - tentatively titled THE GATHERING PLACE (named for the bar the heroine owns) - I was pretty much "flying into the mist"; not unlike driving at night, on a dark back road, in the fog. In talking with my BFF yesterday Susan Lute (yes, I'm still twelve, LOL!) I realized that I LIKE not knowing where I'm going on a manuscript. I trust the process, that my muse (or girls in the basement) will come through.

That way, I get those unexpected scenes that pop up out of the fog, like when the Heroine's ex-boyfriend shows up, appearing to stalk her. This ties in two - no, three - ways: First, the Hero gets all protective and jealous - yay! Perfect timing. Second: it introduces back story without an info dump - I may be able to delete some earlier back story narrative. Third: he could be the bad guy. Score!

Have you had those unexpected scenes show up that became a pivotal part of your book?

Oh, and I topped 21k this week and am in Chapter 8. So ...

Fly into the mist, my friends, you'll have company and the weather is great :-)


  1. Instead of the mist (which has horror flashes for me :) ) I like to think of it as flying into the clouds. Have you ever been on a mountain top in the morning when you are literally sitting in the clouds? That's how I feel when I am writing sometimes - and when the sun breaks . . .

  2. Kathryn - ooooh, I like the visual of being on a mountain top in the morning! Very nice, esp when the sun tops over the horizon and you get the rays spreading out like they want to touch you.

    Do you have a writing goal each day, or week?

  3. I'm a pantser, too. With my current project I started out with an idea, a blank page and a pen. I was flying to Norman, OK to see my cool guy. I did a little figuring out along the way, but mostly I found a home in the mists. It's been so much fun. And, as I've always shouted to the rooftops, my BFF (that would be Darla Luke, and yes, I'm twelve too) is a great brainstormer :)

  4. Susan - I want to be just like you when I grow up ... grandchildren and all. Although you share the grandchildren quite nicely, so at least we don't have to fight over them :-)